The Heartist Artist – Heart Of The City

This artwork was created by combining our experience, vision, and creativity. The more we discussed and grew on each other, the more ideas started to flow. Heart Of The City is the result from the morphing and execution of these ideas. There are still 3 pieces left available on Artano, find them here.

7lbs – 7 Words

This collaboration was called 7XP and combines 7lbs typography work with Poetonic’s aesthetics. We chose 7 words and gave them 3 different variations: Light, Dark, and Neutral. A total of 21 pieces combining both our creativity and experience. To be considered as a special Halloween treat. We’re all sold out and the mint is closed, but you can find listings on the secondary market here. Our deepest gratitude for those who collected these beauties!

Example of the word Bleak