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How to purchase

Artwork from Poetonic’s Main Collection is available in the form of non-fungible tokens minted on the Cardano blockchain. To hold a unique Poetonic NFT you must have a secure digital wallet (such as Nami, Yoroi, or CCvault) able to secure the digital token.

You can find listings of Poetonic NFTs from the Main Collection on these marketplaces : JPG Store, Artifct & Genesis House.

The policy ID for the Main Collection is currently verified on all of these marketplaces, but it is always best to check that the policy ID on the listings match the policy ID on our website. You should see a “verified” checkmark on the listing.


The Main Collection has been created for art enthusiasts and we are dedicated to putting all of our focus on the art itself. So you won’t see any goats or monkeys here sorry… Our objective is to create art pieces with depth and meaning in a recurring style. These pieces exist to express their creator’s thoughts and emotions freely without any boundaries or limitations. No roadmap or empty promises here, it’s just about producing authentic works of art. There will be 10 seasons in the Main Collection, with each series having 100 pieces.

Season 01 (Poem #01- Poem #100) has been minted continuously across the first quarter of 2022 and is now complete. This season was made using different mediums such as water colour paint, acrylic paint and photographs of textures. Each piece comes with a unique poem embedded in the metadata.

Season 02 is currently in the works. It will be composed of 10 animated pieces made from photographs of statues which are used as a common thread throughout the series.

10 % of the main collection is now on the Cardano blockchain, and it will likely take us a few more years to complete it.


In this collection a piece’s rarity is defined by its color combinations. For example, if a piece is composed of grey tones, black, and red tones, then it is an uncommon piece.

Pieces are created randomly by the artist across time. There is no agenda on what is put on the market or on chain regarding the rarity of the pieces.

Even though there are different branches of rarity, every piece is and will still be composed of a unique visual and a unique poem. It needs to be understood that the value of these individual pieces cannot only come from the type of rarity, but also, and most importantly, from the art itself.

Rarity Chart