The first season from the Main Collection is called “Poems”, and each piece in it is composed of a unique artwork and one short poem (in the metadata) that goes hand in hand with the artwork. The art is created using photography and water color painting, later on edited in a style that has the intent of giving a bold visual to the poems. 

Since the creative process is purely instinctive, pieces are made by trying to refuse any form of thought. A piece can be started by photographing a texture on a wall in the city, or by painting with music flowing in my ears, or by doing something completely different. Even though the process varies according to mood, feelings, and instinct, the style remains similar throughout the entire series.

In addition to its 100 pieces, there will also be 14 extra pieces given away or sold at very low price to those who have helped us start our journey. One piece has been minted by mistake and burned, bringing the total to 115 minted NFTs for this series. You can view all the details here on the website.


Click on a piece. If it is available you will be led to its listing on the market. If it has been sold, you will be led to its on-chain transactions.



Airdrop will be a surprise to S1 holders. It will happen sometime in the future. I cannot give a specific date because things can always change, so if you are holding please be patient.

Additional Information

In the description under “Summary” you will find that each NFT is numbered by chronological order (Poem #1 – Poem #100). Two examples of NFTs from S1 are on the image down below. You can also view an example of an NFT from S1 directly on the website.