Season 2 is composed of 10 unique video art pieces. It was created with the idea of combining the worthless textures, graffiti, and shapes that could be seen on the streets with the priceless sculptures that could be seen in a museum. These two elements are separated geographically but it is hard to enter a museum in Cork without seeing or hearing some street art first. These experimental videos are the result of the tearing down of the walls of the Crawford Art Gallery to let the streets express themselves inside of it. With this in mind, I’ll leave it to the viewer to create his own interpretation.

The 10 statues used in these 10 pieces were photographed at Crawford Art Gallery. More information on the statues and how they were created here.

“Beast” – A mirror of one’s temptation to indulge in animalistic behaviour. When triggered, it could be hard to keep a filter.

“Forgotten” – A statement on how women wish to be perceived by others, more specifically by men. Influenced by those in control of public opinion, their desire to remain who they truly are has been forgotten.

“Chaos” – Reflects the parasitical noise taking place in one’s mind. It is our past experiences, our environment, our actions and influences that create this noise leading one’s mind into the realms of Chaos.

“Breathe” – We can often be placed in situations of extreme pressure, in which our ultimate priority should only be to win the fight for oxygen. A piece made to remind us that the key is to keep breathing.

“The Alchemist” – A piece inspired by a sentence from 18th-century chemist Antoine Lavoisier: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” Thus, bringing alchemy to the more modern foundations of chemistry.

“Achlys” – A personal representation of the Goddess of sadness and misery in moving forms. If you’ve experienced these emotions before, then you know of the immense powers of this Goddess.

“Drifter” – The ones who drift are the ones who forget they are in control of their own lives. Our institutions, religions, addictions, and education are only but a few of the elements causing us to drift.

“The Dealer” – I tend to perceive the one who deals the cards in a game in a similar way as the one dealing the cards of life: Often times delivering each of us fake promises, and deceiving us every time.

“The Messenger” – The one who delivers to humans the whispers from Heaven.

“Marianne” – A piece inspired by France’s important symbol of Liberty. Made by taking the freedom of doing whatever I felt in regards to the three fundamental values of the French Republic: Libert√©, Egalit√©, Fraternit√©.

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