The idea for Season 4 came naturally. While I was at a gallery, I saw a statue of Venus and took a picture of it without giving it much thought. Later on, I read a book that explained how the feminine can be associated with Chaos and the masculine with Order, similar to the concept of yin and yang. The book, written by Dr. Jordan Peterson, inspired me to create chaotic versions of Venus, the goddess of love and a strong symbol of the feminine.
My “Seeds” pieces and other photographs were used as source material, which I manipulated to fit the theme of Chaos. To create a chaotic effect, I stacked the source material in layers and blended them together in Photoshop using compositing and collage techniques. You may have noticed that I used color for the first time in this series. This was to represent the hope of restoring order in the midst of true Chaos.
There will only ever be 50 pieces in this collection. Many thanks to all of you for your recent interest in these artworks. Click here to view the listings on JPG Store.