Season 5 is a photography-based collection inspired by the city of Cork. I’ve created this series to challenge the reality I see in front of me and through it, I aim to gain a deeper understanding of my true self. My goal is to demonstrate that there’s more to the world than what we commonly perceive. Even in the most ordinary places, we can find unique beauty and meaning by interpreting them through our individual perspectives.

It’s crucial to break free from the limitations of stereotypes that define what’s considered “pretty” by society. We need to appreciate the beauty that’s personal and intimate, even if it has destroyed us, because it shows our courage to reconstruct what was lost.

Therefore, I’ve decided to deconstruct the reality that I see in these photographs of everyday places, and transform them into images that reflect my unique identity to the viewer.

The Riddle

“I am hidden among the grime and grit, A secret message waiting to be lit. In a decade, clues you’ll find, Solve them all, and the prize is thine.”

Signed Prints

NFTs are nice but signed prints are even better. You don’t need to own any of the NFTs to order a signed print. Simply pick the piece you’d like printed and signed and shoot me a direct message to place your order. Comes in A4 or A2 sizes and is printed on Luster or Matt+ paper. Free international shipping.

Additional Information

Mint Day: 18th of March 2023 – Supply: 100 – Mint price: 250 ADA
NFTs are sold out. Order a signed print!

Season 4 owners will have a 25% discount on an unlimited number of mints. How does this discount work? S4 owners will have to mint with their wallet which has their S4 piece(s) inside it. Also, they still have to pay the full price upfront, but upon reception of their S5 piece, they will also receive about 25% of the price they paid.

There are 6 specific traits in each NFT: pH (Acidic-Basic), Borders (Black, Red, White, Silver, Gold), Signature (Complete, Incomplete), Chinese characters (Y/N), Newspaper (Y/N), Bill (Y/N).

Policy ID – fccad0672a3e8c8d9cd2452c49df6d10ac868b0cea739bd730ecffcb

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Policy ID: fccad0672a3e8c8d9cd2452c49df6d10ac868b0cea739bd730ecffcb