“Seeds” is an exceptional collection of previously curated assets meticulously crafted by Poetonic. As you may already be aware, Seed owners have the exciting opportunity to participate in a raffle EVERY WEEKEND for a chance to win a unique 1/1 artwork from the esteemed Genesis Collection or captivating pieces contributed by other artists featuring their work on Cardano.

Allow me to share with you some notable examples of the prizes awarded in our recent raffle. The selection includes artworks from renowned photographer Biko Bes, established artists Jordi Leitao and Keek, as well as incredibly talented Vietnamese artists who are currently presenting their creations through the innovative Kreate platform.

If you are a proud owner of a seed, we highly encourage you to join our Discord server and secure your seedling role by verifying your wallet. Once you have obtained this role, you will gain access to participate in every raffle. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who have already acquired their seeds. With a bright future ahead, let us embrace the radiance of the sun and witness the seedlings flourishing towards the stars.