Poetonic was created as an art project where the artist obeys only alien impulses. The work appears to impose itself on the author; like an external force wielding the artist like a marionette. This is the creative impulse used by the artist, acting upon his conscious mind from a subconscious level – it guides him in a way which he cannot understand, regardless of the conviction he may have that it has originated within himself.

Separated from academia, its methods of education, from the past and any form of religious belief, the art is entrenched in a renewal of the practical and the theoretical.

At the present moment this project is centered around the production of multiple collections, each composed of a fixed amount of Non-Fungible Tokens based on the Cardano blockchain network. The primary focus is currently on building 10 different seasons for The Genesis Collection.


In April 2019 in Shanghai, textures that could be found on walls, poles and buildings were being shot by a photographer who also wrote on paper the feelings and emotions this gigantic city was giving him. By instinctively and irrationally blending the words with the textures, images that mirrored the photographer’s subconscious were created. That’s how Poetonic came to be.

2020 – Three Textures Shot In Shanghai

Why NFTs

The first reason is simply not to be held back by the status quo of gallery representation. Making NFTs is the best way to have this Art project survive and maybe even thrive without the need for middle men.

Secondly, because NFTs have been conceived for people to easily own digital artworks. The rightful owner of a specific Poetonic NFT is whosoever possesses the respective token in a Cardano wallet they control. The owner is granted an unlimited, worldwide, exclusive, license to use, copy, and display the purchased art for commercial use or gain. An Example of such commercial use could be to produce and sell merchandise products.


2022-2024 : Genesis.