Love Me (SOLD OUT)
This zine from the scrapbook collection was spontaneously conceived from a release of emotions and a burst of creativity. Crafted by using an absolute form of intuition, scraps from larger projects have been melded together to create collages of raw expression. Each individual page will be made available as NFTs on Saturday 27th of April at 7PM UTC. Godspeed.

Season 08
The 8th season of digital collectibles is currently in the works. This collection will be a grand homage to all the pfp rugs we’ve come across as a community, celebrating their unique artistry and cultural significance. I’m eagerly anticipating its release at the start of May, inviting you to join us in experiencing this captivating tribute to our shared passion.

Drip Haus
As Season 08 is cooking in the kitchen, Subscribe to Poetonic’s page on Drip Haus and donate a few droplets (which you can claim for free every 6 hours) to receive excpetional artworks at no cost. Ever Friday, I drop three unique artworks to tens of thousands of collectors.

From each of these weekly drops on Drip Haus, an Ultimate edition is created and later auctioned. The auctions appear on my Drip profile when they are active. Ultimate owners have the option to redeem the original artworks in the form of a triptych at any time in the future.

Click the links below to explore each previous collection of NFTs.